The Spirit is Eternal

This blog post will be quite different from the others. No debates. No arguments. No analyzing race, gender, or sexuality. This blog post is just an emotional release from losing my beautiful grandmother. On January 7, 2013, my grandmother passed away. As a result, I have taken the liberty to write, The Spirit is Eternal, to express my feelings toward her life and death. Please continue to love one another.

Peace and blessings!


I love you.

For once, those three words do not provide justice.

Those three words do not describe the feeling you gave me.

Those three words do not begin to define . . . you.

Your beauty.

Your grace.

Your smile.

So let me try this again: I love you.

I thought saying it again would emphasize my point, but alas, they are mere words. And without action, they are useless.

You taught me that.

You taught me what it was to be true to myself.

You taught me what it was to be humble.

You taught me what it was like to simply . . . be.

On January 7, 2013, my life changed.

All it took was a simple phone call.

My sister began crying, and suddenly, she spoke two words: “Granny died.”

No other words were spoken.

The silence became deafening.

Tears began to fall. First of sadness, then of anger, then of joy.

I can still remember one of our last conversations.

You told me to not fear death.

“Death is inevitable,” you said. “We live on this Earth to die and be close to God.”

God loaned a beautiful woman to me.

To laugh with me.

To hug me.

To smile at me.

Now, granny, I will live for you.

I will carry on your legacy.

I will love people as you loved them.

And when things happen that are beyond my control, I will pray that you, my beautiful guardian angel, will show me the way.

Thanks for raising my wonderful mother.

She taught me everything you taught her.

She continues to do an amazing job.

So granny, close your eyes.

Rest peacefully.

Stay beautiful.

I will wait for that beautiful day when we meet again.

I love you.

I can only pray that my actions of love have meant as much to you as your love has for me.

The physical transitions.

But the spirit is eternal.  

Rest in Paradise.


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